Shark steam mop S1000 reviews in (2022)


Everyone likes to keep their house squeaky clean; however, no one has the time to focus on daily chores. It feels great to come back to a clean house and relax. We do not feel motivated enough to clean the house with a busy schedule when leaving for work. A cleaning tool such as a steam mop is a lifesaver. Shark Steam Mop S1000 is the best one available in the market.

While you come across many affordable steam mops in the market, buying a high-quality and durable one is essential. There is no point in buying a steam mop that requires your continuous assistance when cleaning. A softly moldable handle along with quick action cleaning is what you need. Hence, we suggest trusting shark steam mop s1000 for high-quality and precise cleaning. You will love how easy it is to maneuver the steam mop.

One of the best things about the shark steam mop s1000 is to clean the different kinds of flooring and also sanitize them. In times like these, it is essential to keep your surroundings bacteria-free to avoid healthcare issues. If you are concerned that a steam mop will ruin your flooring, then you need to calm down. This mop is specially designed with protective technology to cut through grime and dirt without damaging your floor. Well, if this doesn’t convince you, then what does?

If you are stressed about your floors and keeping them clean, then you need to invest in the Shark Steam Mop S1000 as soon as possible. It has outstanding cleaning features that you must genuinely consider. With a large water tank and flexible handle, you will undoubtedly enjoy cleaning. To know more about shark s1000 steam mop, keep reading.

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Shark Steam Mop S1000– A simple yet effective cleaning solution

Shark steam mop S1000

Product overview

If you have ever read the Shark S1000 Steam Mop reviews, effortless, then you must know how excellent this product is. It is a simple yet effective cleaning solution for all clean freaks or working people. The feature that gives it a competitive edge is its assembly. 

You need to join three parts together, plug it in and start cleaning. It is straightforward to use, with a few buttons and a detailed manual that explains everything you need to know. In terms of cleaning, no one can ever beat the shark steam mops. Many people swear by the seaming mop because it does not use harsh chemicals, yet it breaks up all the dirt and grime. Its power steam technology eliminates bacteria and sanitizes the floor well. Overall, the product is worth investing in.

Shark steam mop S1000

Key specifications

Brand  SharkNinja 
Product dimension11.02 x 7.4 x 46.06 inches
Item weight4.6 pounds
Cord length18-inches
Components includedRemovable water tank, 2 dirt grip pads, power cord

Features in detail

●      Effortless cleaning

In this shark steam mop s1000 review, we have to talk about how effortless it is to use the shark steam mop. It breaks up the dirt and grime easily through the power steam and picks up all the residue. It weighs 4.6 pounds which is extremely light for a mop and easy to maneuver.

●      Removable dirt pads

One of the best things about the shark steam mop is that you do not have to throw away the dirt pads. They are made using a reusable material that you can easily toss in the washer and clean. It comes with two reusable dirt pads.

●      Compact  

The shark steam mop is compact and easy to fit in any corner. You will not ruin the aesthetics of your house with the mop as it is slim and sleek. It looks classy even if it is visible; however, you can always fit this into a cleaning closet.

●      Sanitization  

The shark steamer does not use any kind of harsh chemicals yet it sanitizes the floor thoroughly. It uses the powerful steam to kill the bacteria almost instantly. You can also release the steam on-demand whenever you like.

  • ● Kills bacteria
  • ● Slim and compact
  • ● Reusable dirt pads
  • ● No harsh chemicals
  • ● Expensive

Buying Guide

The shark s1000 steam mop is slowly becoming the hot favorite of many people. It is incredibly convenient to use and has all the features you could desire. If you have a cat or a dog that sheds a lot, this mop will sort you out. Let’s see what features you must consider before buying the shark steam mop-s1000:

1.      Large cord

If you know anything about steam mops, you know that you need to plug the steam mop into a socket for it to release steam. Some steam mops have an extremely short cord that serves no cleaning purpose. However, the shark steam mop-s1000 has 18-feet cords, which is exceptional. You do not have to worry about not having too many plug points. You can easily maneuver the mop anywhere you like.

2.      Reusable pads

The mop’s base is usually covered with a soft cloth pad that quickly wipes the floor down. However, people have to keep purchasing the base pads because you cannot use them once they are dirty. However, the shark steam mop s1000 is relatively different. It comes with soft muslin reusable cloth pads, which you can easily wash and use again. You do not have to waste your money on repurchasing pads and gain.

3.      No harsh chemicals

You may know that the steam mops have some sort of properties to break down the stubborn dirt and eliminate bacteria. However, the shark steam mop s1000 does not use any kind of harsh chemicals or disinfectants. It uses water and hot steam to lift off the stubborn dirt from the sides. The warm steam helps in killing the bacteria and sanitizing the floor.

4.      Easy to assemble

Assembling home appliances can be a pain, especially if you are new to assembling. However, the shark steam mop s1000 is different from other appliances as it is super simple to make. It comes with a manual with all the necessary instructions. Even a child can assemble it without requiring any help.

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Shark steam mop s1000 is the right match for you, especially if you do not have the time for elaborate cleaning. It is hassle-free and made with durable material to deliver excellence. It is undoubtedly an investment, but it is something you require to make life easy.

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