Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop – S3601 Reviews Latest (2022)


The cleanliness and hygiene of your house have to be your utmost priority if you wish to live a fulfilled life. Nothing productive can happen if your mind and your home are cluttered. However, with daily challenges and the need to get done with a million things on the to-do list, cleaning your house becomes your least priority. With technology breaking every possible par, new appliances can help you deal with underlying issues. Steam mops such as Shark professional steam mop s3601 are the ultimate cleaning solution all of us want. It is not only quick and efficient; it also helps in getting rid of bacteria.

The shark steam pocket mop 3501 was launched before this one; the s3601 model is known for its efficiency. It has a 360-degree swivel which is super easy to maneuver. The auto shut-off feature has to be one of the favorite features within the mop as it allows to save energy and provides a spotlessly clean surface. The 25-feet cord will enable you to quickly move around a large surface area without plugging the cord in various switches. Most users appreciate the steam mop a lot more because it kills bacteria and leaves any surface dust-free. This article will let you know about some unique features of Shark professional steam mop s3601.

Why choose Shark Professional steam mop s3601?

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You must be searching for many Shark professional steam pocket mop model s3601 reviews if you want to purchase it. We understand that the steam mop is not the cheapest, but it has many features that you can undoubtedly benefit from. We have made a list of features that work well to provide the best cleaning. If you want to know about some of its features, then you must stay tuned.

1.     Reusable pads

The steam mop is already an investment, and you do not want to reinvest in getting any other parts. The Shark steam mop s3601 pads are reusable, and you can toss them in your washing machine for thorough cleaning. We love how Shark steam mop is highly efficient and super convenient to use. You can plug in the wire anywhere and start cleaning. 

2.     Non-toxic

A few steam mops require chemical detergents and cleaner to make the floor spotless. However, the Shark professional steam mop is natural and 100% chemical-free. It uses steam to kill 99.99% of bacteria without using any synthetic product. It does not make your house smell like nasty chemicals but leaves a pleasant smell behind. One of the best parts about this is that it is safe for pets as they sometimes tend to lick the floor.

3.     Cost-effective

Shark professional steam pocket mop – s3601 is the best amongst many choices because it is cost-effective. The device itself is a little bit of an investment, but for long-term use, the investment pays off. You do not need detergents or cleaners to make the mop work efficiently. It uses simple water to create steam and kills allergens or bacteria.

4.     Sanitizes the floor

The Shark steam mop not only cleans the floor to perfection but also gets rid of microscopic imperfections. The steam mop creates hot steam, which seamlessly sanitizes the floor and kills most of the allergens. It is a quick and easy way to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris.

Best of All- Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop S3601

Reading Shark professional steam pocket mop reviews is pivotal in making up your mind. We are sure you would want to invest in this unique steam mop after reading its reviews. If you are looking for some genuine and authentic feedback about the steam mop, then we have got your back. Here is what you need to know about Shark professional steam mop s3601.


1.     XL capacity

If you are looking for a steam mop with a large capacity tank, then Shark professional steam mop is the one for you. You can clean more than half of your house without refilling the tank. Also, the tank is super quick to fill, and it would not feel like a burden to you anyways.

2.     Gets rid of 99.99% of bacteria

Shark professional steam mop pads glide wonderfully across the floor, picking up maximum dirt and gunk. Not only does the steam mop pick up dirt and debris, but it also kills 99.99% of bacteria. The extra sanitization makes the house safe for children and pets. The super-heated technology enables the steam mop to produce steam within 30-seconds. It is a fast and efficient means to clean your house.

3.     Three-steam levels

Another advantageous feature of the Shark steam mop is that it is super easy to manage. If you want to clean the house mildly, you can use the low steam setting and increase it as per your convenience. It has three steam levels which make cleaning super easy and customizable.

4.     Super-fast drying

If you have older adults or kids in your house, then wet floors can be dangerous. You do need a quick-drying solution without compromising on the cleaning performance. According to Shark steam pocket mop reviews, it has the fastest drying cleaning action. You will notice that it does not take more than 5 minutes for the floor to dry completely. The Shark mop is a perfect solution for a house with toddlers or older people.

  • ● Kills 99.99% bacteria
  • ● Fast drying
  • ● Three-level steams
  • ● XL tank
  • ● Does not stand up on its own

Key specifications



Product dimension  

12 x 5.9 x 51.2 inches

Item weight  

4.85 pounds

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How to use shark professional steam mop s3601?

How to use shark professional steam mop s3601

Most of us are technically challenged, and cleaning with a professional steam mop seems like a daunting task. However, we assure you, cleaning with the Shark professional steam mop is not a challenging task. The shark steam mop s3601 manual has all the details that one wants to know to start cleaning with it. Here is how you can clean using the Shark steam mop s3601:

Step 1: Prepare the steam mop

To prepare the steam mop, you need to take the mop out and refill its tank with an adequate amount of water. Make sure to fill the water tank full so that you do not have to refill it in the middle of cleaning.

Step 2: Plugin steam mop

The Shark steam mop comes with a 25-feet long cord that allows you to drag it anywhere easily. You have to wait for 30 seconds before the mop starts producing steam.

Step 3: Clean back and forth

After the mop steams up, you can move it back and forth on the surface you need to clean. Focus on the same area until it is free of dirt and debris.

 Step 4: Unplug and let it cool

After you are done cleaning, you have to let the steam mop cool down before storing it. After the steam mop cools down, you have to remove the pad. You can also wash the steam pads if you like or if they are too dirty. This is the simple cleaning process; there is no rocket science behind it.

A step-by-step guide to using shark professional steam mop s3601 on hardwood floors?

 shark professional steam mop s3601 on hardwood floors

If you have hardwood flooring in your house, you have to be extra cautious when cleaning your home. You cannot use any mop on your floor. You have to be careful when selecting steam mops for your home. However, if you have the Shark professional steam mop, we can tell you how to use it. Here is how:

Step 1: Dry your floor

The first thing you have to do is use a microfiber cloth and clean the floor thoroughly. The purpose is to get your floor dry before you mop it.

Step 2: Put dusting setting on

Next, you have to put on a dusting setting before you start mopping your floor. It is essential to keep your hardwood floor protected.

Step 3: Mop the floor

You have to start cleaning the floor back and forth until it is clean. You have to make sure; you do not use any chemicals as they can break through your hardwood floor.

A step-by-step guide to using shark professional steam mop s3601 on laminate floors?

 shark professional steam mop s3601 on laminate floors?

If you have laminated wooden floors in your house, then water is its enemy. You have to ensure that you are not using harsh chemicals or too much water when steam mopping the floor. People often ask whether or not they can use a steam mop on laminate floors. You can use a steam mop, but you have to be a little cautious. Here is how to use a Shark steam mop s3601 on laminated floors:

Step 1: Turn off steam

You can clean the laminate floor with a steam mop like you would an ordinary mop. It is essential to move the mop back and forth on the floor thoroughly. 

Step 2: Clean floors in sections

If you want to clean floors thoroughly, you can clean them in small sections.

Step 3: Use less water for steam

To thoroughly clean the floors, you have to fill the tank with less water and put steam on higher settings. This will create dry steam through which you can get rid of bacteria on the floor.

How to disassemble a shark model s3601 professional steam mop?

One of the questions that people have about the Shark professional steam mop is how to disassemble it. To begin with disassembly, you must know that it does not come with many spare parts. You just have to attach the tank part with the mop head. Here is how you can do it:

Step 1: Look at the manual

When you open the Shark steam mop box, you will come across a few spare parts and the manual. The main body of the steam mop, the cleaning head, and a few cleaning pads are a few spare parts it comes with. You have to disassemble the mop in the same order. You can look through the manual for guidance.

Step 2: Remove cleaning pads

Begin the disassembly process by removing the cleaning pads. You can toss the cleaning pads in the washing machine. Always remember to clean the steam mop pads if you want more efficient cleaning.

Step 3: detach the body with the cleaning head

At the end of the mop body, you will see a clickable button to detach the mop from the cleaning head. You must always keep the mop upside down after separating the cleaning head.

Steam mop not steaming?

Understandably, the efficiency of any product reduces over time. However, you can maintain efficiency by maintaining them and cleaning them regularly. Your steam mop can stop producing steam due to clogging. Here is how to get rid of clogging:

Step 1: Get rid of the mop head

You have to remove the cleaning pad and then gently remove the mop head. Keep the mop head aside and inspect the spray tip, do it only when your steam mop is cool.

Step 2: Unclog using a paperclip

Take a small paper clip or a tiny tool, insert it in the spray tip. You can move the paper clip back and forth to remove any hard build-up.

Step 3: use water and vinegar solution

You can pass water and vinegar solution to clean the spray tip and get rid of any residue.

Step 4: Assemble and use

You can now put the cleaning head back together, and we are sure it will start producing steam.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which Shark steam mop model is best?

Shark makes the best mops that provide excellent value to a user; we think s3601 has to be our current favorite amongst all models.

How do you use the Shark Steam Mop s3601?

It is not that complicated to use Shark steam mop s3601; you can read the article above for a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Is the shark steam mop any good?

Yes, Shark steam mop is ideal for people who have less time but want a spotlessly clean house. It also kills 99.99% of bacteria which is always a bonus.

What is the difference between the Shark steam mops?

You can find corded and cordless steam mops with different cleaning modes. Each model has its specifications and prices.


Shark professional steam mop s3601 has to be one of our favorites as it helps a user achieve a spotlessly clean house. It is easy to maintain and makes cleaning affordable in the long run. If you are looking for value and high quality, this is it.

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