How To Remove O cedar Spin Mop Head with In Seconds!



A spin mop head is usually in a triangle shape that allows you to clean the surfaces that are hard to reach and cannot be cleaned by common cleaners. It is helpful to clean dirty areas and messes on hard surfaces such as finished hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, etc. You need to change the mop head after every three months. If you are interested to know how to remove mop head from o’cedar spin mop, you should know the importance of its removal. Its removal is necessary if you want to remove all the dirt effectively.

This guide provides you with detailed instructions on how to remove o cedar spin mop head easily and effectively. It explains different and easy methods for its removal. This article also provides detailed information about what needs to be considered while removing the O’cedar spin mop. No doubt, it is necessary to consider these things and factors to remove or change the mop head effectively and efficiently.

Moreover, this guide also answers the random questions related to the O’cedar spin mop head that can come to anyone’s mind. So, it will become easy for you to know about its working and the method used to remove it when needed.

How To Remove Mop Head On O Cedar Spin Mop? [3 steps]

If you are interested to know how to remove o cedar mop head, it is the best source to get this information. Undoubtedly, O’cedar is considered the best brand for making gloves, mop refills, scrubbers, pads, and other cleaning tools. You need to follow the following steps for removing the mop head from the O’cedar spin mop:

Step 1: Get Basic Information

The first step is to get basic information about the construction of the spin mop. Getting this information is necessary to know about the basic function of the spin mop and how to use it. So, you should know that this mop is very easy to use because of its adjustable handle. This handle is very flexible and can be adjusted to any height, i.e., you can set it according to your height.

Make sure you do not remove the whole stick from the mop head when adjusting the height. Instead, please focus on the mop head and try to separate it from the handle. If still, you find difficulty, you can read the manual book that comes with the mop head. It explains how to use a spin mop and when to Replace the O’cedar Spin Mop.

Step 2: Pay Attention to the Mop Head

The next step is to check the mop head thoroughly. You will see that there is a triangular red plastic frame and many strands that are coming out of the mop. When you check the red triangular area, you will see that the microfiber strands are not sticking with the red zone.

You will also notice a black piece that has been inserted in the red area. It would be best to separate this black piece from the red area. Remember that you do not have to remove the entire red area when it comes to removing the mop head; you just need to remove the microfiber pad.

Step 3: Remove The Mop Head

The last step is to remove the mop head, i.e., a microfiber pad. It becomes easy to remove the microfiber pad when you figure out the microfiber pad. It is a very easy task to perform where you just need to hold the triangular piece tightly and pop the black piece out from the red area. You will keep the entire microfiber mop in your hand. You can either use the microfiber mop or replace it with a new one.

Removing O cedar Mop Head In Simple Steps

It will be best if you have a mop to clean your house and remove all the bacteria from the surfaces of your house. If you have bought one, you must be interested to know about o cedar spin mop how to remove mop head. It is because it is necessary to clean it after every cleaning. Plus, it must be removed after every three months. Here are some simple and easy steps to remove cedar mop head:

Step 1: Check the Mop Thoroughly

First, you need to check the stick mop deeply and know its functions. You can also read its instruction book. Checking the mop thoroughly will let you know that it consists of an adjustable handle.  You can adjust it according to your height. Note that you do not need to remove the whole stick from the mop head. So, you should not consider the shaft of the mop but should focus on the mop head only.

Step 2: Concentrate on The Mop Head

You should just focus on the mop head. You will notice that there is a triangular red beveled frame and some strands coming out of that frame. When you check the mop head, you will have to flip the stick mop. At that time, the mop head will be in your hand.

Step 3: Check Microfiber Strands

When you are holding the mop head, you will notice a red triangular piece. There will be a black piece inside that red triangular area. Remember that you need to remove that black piece from the red area for o-cedar spin mop replacement or removal.

Step 4: Remove the Mop Head

When you come to know what you need to do to remove the mop head, you should hold the triangular piece decisively and take out the black thing. It just takes a couple of minutes to remove the black piece from the red area.

How to change o cedar mop head?

Things To Keep in Mind While Removing Mop Head

How to remove mop head from spin mop

There are some important things to consider when you decide to remove the mop head. Considering these things helps you know how to remove cedar spin mop head without facing any kind of trouble. Following are such things that are needed to keep in mind when changing or removing the mop head:

  • Apply Gentle Pressure

If you do not know how to remove the mop head, here is the advice regarding the application of force. You should apply gentle pressure or force initially and increase the pressure afterward. Make sure you do not apply too much pressure because it can result in damaging the C-clamp.

  • Machine Wash the Mop

You should use a machine for washing your mop. Make sure you wash it with caution. For this purpose, you need to read the manual. You need to read and consider the o-cedar mop head replacement instructions.

  • Always Keep An Extra Mop

Keep in mind that when you decide to remove the mop head for the first time, you must have an extra mop because you might damage the mop head or break it. You can buy it from any departmental store.

Why Do You Need To Change Mop Head? – Advantages of Changing O Cedar Mop Head!

Why Do You Need To Change Mop Head? – Advantages of Changing Mop Head!
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When you learn how to change cedar spin mop head, you must think about why it is necessary to change it. There must be multiple questions in your mind about changing the mop head, such as the reasons behind changing it? What will happen if we do not change it? And many other questions. Here are some of the advantages of changing the mop head:

  • Keeps Away Foul Smell

As we know, when we clean the house using a mop, the bacteria stay on the mop. No matter how often you clean or wash the mop, you need to replace it occasionally. Changing the mop head provides you the benefit of avoiding foul smells, which are dangerous for your health.

  • Provides Better Cleaning Outcomes

If you follow the o-cedar mop instructions, you can enjoy the benefits of better cleaning results. You should know that when a mop becomes old, it does not clean your floor efficiently. It is the right time to change your mop because a new mop consists of a soft bristle that cleans the floor without leaving any dirt behind.

  • Avoids Water Leakage

If you want to get the benefit of avoiding water leakage, you should remove your old mop and replace it with a new one. You should know that when the mops become old, the mop heads leave streaks. If you notice such a thing, you should buy a new mop to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Can You Wash O’cedar Mop Head?

When you are new to using mop heads, you must have a question in your mind: Can you wash an O Cedar spin mop head? The answer to this question is yes. The mop head has been designed so that it can be cleaned through two methods, i.e., wet cleaning and dry cleaning. It is suitable to wash the O’cedar mop heat after a few uses.

When you clean your floor, it is possible that the mop can generate more germs. No doubt, the mops get dirty very easily, so you must have a regular routine of cleaning the mop. It would be best to wash the mop to get rid of the cleaner liquid. For this purpose, you should use warm water.

How To Store Your Mop Head?

It becomes easy to store your mop head if you have all o-cedar mop replacement parts. The best method for storing it is to turn the mop head upside down. Ensure the o-cedar mop head is on the top and is not wet. Remember that you should never leave it wet when not in use because it will get damaged.  

Frequently Asked Questions


How does O’cedar spin mop work?

The O’cedar spin mop is powered by your feet on the pedal of the bucket. In this way, you can control the mop depending on the floor you are cleaning. When you spin the dirty water out of the mop in the basket, the water is collected at the bottom.

How do you wash an O Cedar mop head?

When it comes to how to wash o-cedar spin mop head, the simple answer is to use a washing machine. You need to add ½ bleach to the washer and wash the O’cedar mop head on a regular cycle. When the cycle is complete, squeeze out all the excess water from the mop head and hang it to let it get dry.

How do I remove the mop head?

When removing o cedar mop head, you should know that you just need to remove the black piece from the red area instead of removing the entire red area to which the microfiber strands are attached.

Can I use any chemical cleaner for washing O’cedar mop pads?

No doubt, the O’cedar mops are made of high-quality material. Still, it is not suitable to use chemical cleaners to wash the O’cedar mop pads because they can damage the microfiber.

Can you put the O’cedar spin mop head in the washing machine?

Yes, you can put the O’cedar spin mop head in the washing machine, but you should make sure it is the removable mop head. You should not put the sponge mop heads in the washing machine for washing them.

What to do when the o-cedar spin mop handle broken?

When the O’cedar mop handle gets broken, you should replace it with a new one. If you do not know how to fix it, you can buy a new mop instead.

How to remove spin mop head for washing?

It’s easy to remove the head of your spin mop for washing. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Open the clamp on the top of the mop handle and pull the handle up until the head comes off.

2. Hold the head with one hand and use your other hand to unscrew the cap on top of the head.

3. Remove the dirty water by squeezing the sides of the head and then rinse it off in clean water.

4. Screw on the cap tightly and reattach the head to the mop handle by placing it in between the clamps and closing them shut.

How to take off o cedar mop head?

When it’s time to replace the head on your O Cedar mop, removing the old one can be a little tricky. If you’re not careful, you could damage the mop handle or the new head. Here’s how to do it:

1) Look for the raised letter “O” on the mop head. This is where you will insert the end of the handle.

2) Grip the handle and twist it counterclockwise until it pops off.

3) If there is any caked-on dirt or debris on the old head, use a brush or a broom to clean it off before attaching the new one.

4) Insert the new head into the hole so that the “O” is facing up.

5) Twist the handle clockwise until it clicks into place.


If you are looking for a guide about removing o cedar spin mop head, it is the best article for getting this information. The purpose of a mop is to clean those surfaces that can not be cleaned easily. But the mop does not provide efficient cleaning results if it is overused. You should clean it after a few cleaning, and it must be replaced after every twelve weeks. You need to consider some important things when replacing the spin mop head with a new one.