How to clean a mop?[Fast and Easy Solutions]


Did it ever occur to you that the mop you use to clean your house also needs cleaning? Most of us are so busy in our daily routines that we leave some tasks for later and that later never arrives. Nobody likes to clean a mop or wash it occasionally. However, if you want to maintain your house’s hygiene, you must pay attention to small details. People use different kinds of mops to clean their houses, such as a conventional mop and a steam mop. Most people are clueless about how to clean a mop?

There is no rocket science behind cleaning a mop. However, you can undoubtedly use some of the tips to save time and clean your mop better. People also often ask how to clean a smelly mop. You must never let your mop reach a condition where it stinks badly. Hygiene is everything, and it plays a phenomenal role in making your life better. If you want to develop any habit, you must ensure you stay clean and keep your surroundings clean. In this article, you will get to know all the tips and tricks to clean a mop.

How to clean a sponge mop?

 clean a sponge mop
How to clean a sponge mop?

Most people use sponge mops to clean their house. We understand the hype behind the sponge mops because they are excellent at wiping excess water and cleaning the floor. However, they get dirty very quickly, and it is essential to clean them properly before you use them. Let’s have a look at a few ways to clean the sponge mop:

1.      Clean with dish soap

Step 1: make a dish soap concoction

The best and straightforward way of cleaning a mop is with dish soap. We all have dish soap at our houses, and it is effective also. Mix liquid dish soap in hot water; you can add a little bit of bleach if you want to achieve a thoroughly clean mop.

Step 2: soak

You can soak the mop into hot water for a few minutes to kill all the bacteria and germs. It is best to stir the mop and push it against the bucket’s bottom to eliminate dirt and residue. If you keep the mop soaked in hot water for longer, the dirt will loosen up on its own.

Step 3: disinfect

Get rid of the dirty water and fill the bucket with fresh water. Use the disinfectant spray directly on the mop. You will be able to get rid of most bacteria right away.

Step 3: soak in bleach water

Add a few drops of bleach to the fresh water; it is ideal if the water temperature is hot. Soak the mop again in the bleach water for a few minutes to completely get rid of bacteria.

Step 4: rinse the mop

After leaving the mop in bleach and water concoction for a few minutes, rinse it thoroughly. Take the excess water out of the mop and leave it to air dry. You have successfully cleaned and disinfected the mop; it is ready to use.

2.      Clean with vinegar

Clean with vinegar
Clean with vinegar

Step 1: make the concoction

People do not often know how to clean a mop with vinegar; however, it is straightforward. Take at least half a bucket of hot water, add white vinegar and lemon juice to it. It is a potent concoction; hence, you can feel dizzy with its smell.

Step 2: soak

After making the concoction, soak the spin mop within the water and let it stay there for a few minutes. All dirt and gunk will loosen up, and the water will start to appear a little dirty. All the grease and oil will begin to surface in the water.

Step 3: change the water

After a significant part of dirt is removed, you can throw the water and fill it with fresh water. Add some dish soap or detergent to the water and let the mop sit in the water for a few minutes. It will help in getting rid of a significant chunk of dirt and gunk.

Step 3: rinse

It’s time to rinse the mop, make sure all the detergent and dirt are removed. It may take a few minutes to complete this process.

Step 4: air dry

After you are done washing the most properly, remove all the excess water and hand it to air dry. Your mop will be as clean as new, and it will clean even better than usual.

You may want to know how to clean a mop without bleach; using vinegar to clean is a realistic option. It is also best to deep clean the mop as it requires detailed steps.

Things to keep in mind when cleaning the mop?

When cleaning a mop, people may ignore some basic things, making all their efforts go in vain. Here are a few things you must keep in mind when cleaning a mop.

  • If you keep your mop soaked in water for longer, it can foster bacterial growth. The bacteria grow in the sponge area; it can cause fungus and different health hazards if you keep cleaning with an overly soaked mop.
  • You must store the mop once it is thoroughly dried. If you store a damp or a wet mop, it can make the bacteria grow.
  • It is essential to ensure that you keep the bleach concoction away from children when cleaning.
  • Never leave the mop in water for more than one or two hours; it can weaken the microfiber on the mop. 
  • Always soak a new mop within cold water as it gets rids of the manufacturing coating. Hot water can loosen the mop head grip on the stick.


How to clean a mop spin head or how to remove hair from mop are some popular questions. We have answered some of the burning questions regarding mop cleaning above. We tend to neglect a few things which can compromise our hygiene. Hence, it is crucial to clean your mop once in a while to ensure faster and better cleaning.

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